Nomadic Behavior

Monday, October 20, 2008

Good vibes

‘Aint no party like a Nomad party, because a Nomad party don't stop’ ( moving )
Traveling for experience to experiences every once in a while the weary traveler needs to burn off pent up frustration. When in transit a Nomad live in the movent while planning the next move and experience. We give little thought to the past.
For this reason it is necessary to release all the built up unaddressed stresses of life. Yell scream run around in circle kick punch and vent. And then it is time to celebrate. Good people good music good food and drink are all necessary. Freud had a theory of the totem. My basic understanding and interpretation of this theory is that the group builds an alter/statue/totem that represent the creative and cyclical nature of society. And at the end of a give time period the group celebrates and purges their collective frustration by destroying the totem. Controlled energetic destruction is good for over all group an individual heath.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Down time

Down time: any time that you do not find your self in a state of motion, usually punctuated by a heightened awareness of one surroundings. all the detail will unfold its self as your motion slows to a stop all the of the subtitles slowly seeps into your awareness, you start to count the patterns that reveals itself only when you stand still. and it is soon after this point that restlessness set in.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Get Around

The tendency of a nomad is to travel with the natural flow of the seasons or the weekly migrations of people to trendy clubs, no matter the scale or distant of the migration mode of transportation dictates the clothes and supplies that a nomad will bring with them. Each mode of transportation bring with it its own advantages and disadvantages and daily ranges.
By Foot
Range: 1block – 60+ miles (95+ km)
Weight capacity: 40+ lbs (20+ kg)
Temperature tolerances: 40-90°f (4-32°c)

No infrastructure needed
Good exercise
Slow pace
Ability to find back ally stories and bars

Limited weight
Limited daily long distance travel

By Bike
Range: 8 blocks – 150+ miles (240+ km)
Weight capacity: 80+ lbs (40+ kg)
Temperature tolerances: 40-95°f (4-35°c)

Cool bike
Good exercise
Biking shorts are always cool

If a bike breaks that’s money out of your pocket
Bikes can be stolen and often are
Off roading can be very difficult

By Automobile
Range: 5 – 900+ miles (1500+ km)
Weight capacity: 300 - 2000+ lbs (480 - 3200+ kg)
Temperature tolerances: 5 - 105°f (-15 - 40°c)

Ladies love a cool car
Long travel range
More places in one day
Site seeing fun

Parking in any city usually sucks
Getting gas is a painful experience!
Getting gas is a painful experience!!
Getting gas is a painful experience!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

JiyĆ¼gaoka station

Day: 1
Saturday 1/26/08 12:00-1:00 pm
I am standing in front of the main entrance to the station. Leaning against the a rail note book in hand. Families poor in and out of the station. Little kids running ahead of their mothers are quickly called back to next to their mothers. The families that are leaving the station quickly disappear into the numerous walking only side street full of shops. The man next to me is looking at me either not aware of my peripheral vision or not caring I bet if I look up he will look away. He looked away an pretended I was their. This some up my experience so far in Japan strangers that are so interested to pretend I am not here. The station pluses. Four trains come in and out of the station and every couple of minutes I here a trains coming and going.

Day: 2
Sunday 1/27/0812:00-12:45pm
Today I am standing by the side entrance to the station. I am a little more under over, people don't notice until they pass me, its Sunday and there seems to be more foot traffic there seems to be fewer families out together. I see more teens and people in there 20s and 30s. From this vantage point I can see people walking in and out of the Lawson. Most people only stay about 5 minutes. But one man in a grey suet stands looking in a magazine for 30 pulse minutes. I cannot imagine walking in any convene store in the states an reading a magazine for 30 minutes without being asked to leave. The man in the grey suite man left the store and walks into the station and likely catches one of the trains that rumble over my head. As more people walk past as son as they see or pass me they seem to remember that they are in a furry and they start to run.

Day: 3
Monday 1/28/08 11:00-11:50am
To day I have decided to take the train to school. The station’s population has been cut in half. I have decided to take video from two different vantage points across the street from the station and where I stood yesterday. People see my camera and take the long way a round to avoid me.

Monday, February 4, 2008